21 High st. welcomes AFC Asian Cup fans for the ultimate shopping extravaganza

21 High st. welcomes AFC Asian Cup fans for the ultimate shopping extravaganza

As the AFC Asian Cup takes center stage in Qatar in 2024, 21 High st. is delighted to extend a warm welcome to football enthusiasts from around the world, offering an exhilarating sports experience combined with unparalleled outdoor shopping opportunities.

Located in the vibrant Katara Village in Doha, 21 High st. has transformed its alley into a football bonanza, adorning them with captivating ball arches illuminated by vibrant red lights. This stylish illumination creates an electrifying atmosphere that will surely ignite your passion for sports.

To further enhance the excitement, 21 High st. has curated a captivating photo booth installation inspired by the Asian Cup, allowing visitors to capture and cherish their memorable moments.

With the influx of guests, 21 High st. offers a unique space where visitors can indulge in business, leisure, art, and culture. The ambient and sophisticated environment of 21 High st., combined with the football-themed installations, makes it the perfect destination for an unparalleled retail comfort. The flamboyant shopping hub features a series of premium brands in fashion, hospitality, retail and entertainment that offer only the best in luxury and elegance.

This edition of the AFC Asian Cup is particularly historic, as Qatar becomes the first country in the continent, as well as in the Arab and Gulf region, to host the tournament three times in its history. With 24 teams participating, this 18th edition of the AFC Asian Cup marks the second time the number of teams has been increased since the 2019 edition. Furthermore, the tournament takes place in stadiums that hosted the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, adding an extra layer of prestige and excitement.

Visit 21 High st. and immerse yourself in the excitement of the AFC Asian Cup while enjoying a world-class shopping experience.