Meets Retail

21 High st – the ultimate outdoor shopping destination - is Qatar’s hub for luxury and elegance, where retail meets and celebrates art & culture. With a series of features, some of which are the first of their kind in Qatar or worldwide, 21 High st offers a unique outdoor shopping experience with a regulated, cool, comfortable outdoor environment to enjoy throughout the year.

21 High st

Set in a prestigious location in the heart of Katara-The Cultural Village in Doha, 21 High st is a multi-dimensional project where retail meets culture. Developed and managed by Ali Bin Ali Holding, ‘The Ultimate Outdoor Shopping Destination’ made its debut in March 2019.


The Cultural Village Foundation is an exceptional project of hope for human interaction through art and cultural exchange – a project made possible thanks to the inspired vision, solid faith and wise leadership of HH Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Father Emir of the State of Qatar.


ABA Holding

Ali Bin Ali Holding is a family-owned, private company with a heritage that dates back to 1945. Its roots are firmly set in a vision to provide quality international products and services to the people of Qatar.