21 High st. illuminates with enchanting fairy lights commemorating the holy month of Ramadan

On March 14, 2024, 21 High st. in Katara, Doha unveiled its captivating fairy light installation along its alleys to welcome and mark the holy month of Ramadan. The glowing lights, which were conceptualized by the creative minds of 21 High st., not only aimed to add a touch of magic to the surroundings but also created a warm and inviting ambiance for shoppers and visitors frequenting the popular shopping destination.

In addition to the enchanting fairy light display, 21 High st. announced that during the month of Ramadan, the restaurants within such as Jose Café, Juan Valdez and Café Pouchkine will be offering special Iftar and suhoor menus to mark the auspicious occasion. Guests can indulge in a culinary journey that celebrates the spirit of Ramadan and enjoy a memorable dining experience with loved ones.

Fairy lighting has long been recognized as a customary feature for 21 High st. during festivities. It has the ability to transform the hub’s alleys into enchanting realms, evoking a sense of wonder and joy. The delicate glow of the lights not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of 21 High st. and shopping stores but also contributes to a festive atmosphere that resonates with the spirit of Ramadan.

21 High st. invites the Qatar community to immerse themselves in the festive ambiance created by the fairy light installation and partake in the special offerings available during the holy month of Ramadan.

21 High st. welcomes AFC Asian Cup fans for the ultimate shopping extravaganza

As the AFC Asian Cup takes center stage in Qatar in 2024, 21 High st. is delighted to extend a warm welcome to football enthusiasts from around the world, offering an exhilarating sports experience combined with unparalleled outdoor shopping opportunities.

Located in the vibrant Katara Village in Doha, 21 High st. has transformed its alley into a football bonanza, adorning them with captivating ball arches illuminated by vibrant red lights. This stylish illumination creates an electrifying atmosphere that will surely ignite your passion for sports.

To further enhance the excitement, 21 High st. has curated a captivating photo booth installation inspired by the Asian Cup, allowing visitors to capture and cherish their memorable moments.

With the influx of guests, 21 High st. offers a unique space where visitors can indulge in business, leisure, art, and culture. The ambient and sophisticated environment of 21 High st., combined with the football-themed installations, makes it the perfect destination for an unparalleled retail comfort. The flamboyant shopping hub features a series of premium brands in fashion, hospitality, retail and entertainment that offer only the best in luxury and elegance.

This edition of the AFC Asian Cup is particularly historic, as Qatar becomes the first country in the continent, as well as in the Arab and Gulf region, to host the tournament three times in its history. With 24 teams participating, this 18th edition of the AFC Asian Cup marks the second time the number of teams has been increased since the 2019 edition. Furthermore, the tournament takes place in stadiums that hosted the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, adding an extra layer of prestige and excitement.

Visit 21 High st. and immerse yourself in the excitement of the AFC Asian Cup while enjoying a world-class shopping experience.

Forging Ahead: Harnessing The Impeccable Franco-Qatari Relationship

Today, I join the world in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between the State of Qatar and the Republic of France. This harmonious relation, brought by a common vision and interest, is one that has inspired cooperation and association between people and institutions. It is in this spirit of togetherness and striving for the greater good that companies like Ali Bin Ali Holding ventured to trade with French brands and provide unique products and services for the people of Qatar and its residents.

We have come to view France as a valued partner, who shares our passion for progress. Our tremendous growth is a testament of the good trade relations with French brands and products that dates back to the 1970s. Through steady progress, I am pleased to note that our holding is currently one of the largest and top retail and distribution companies in Qatar and the Middle East region that has significantly invested in French luxury, gourmet, fashion, medical, sports, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Galeries Lafayette, Monoprix, among others.

As a major area of cooperation in economic diversification and achieving a prosperous and sustainable Vision2030, both countries are further investing in each other, especially in renewable energy and progressive eco-friendly technological innovations. At Ali Bin Ali Holding, we seek to explore these new avenues of collaboration.

The 50 years of bilateral relations comes at a momentous period when Qatar is hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022. I am confident that this coincidental event will cement the association further.

As both countries forge ahead to a prosperous future, I am hopeful that this strategic partnership will mend an even stronger bond for its people. At Ali Bin Ali Holding, we are determined to continue developing our trade relations and investments to the full potential and build on existing networks; thereby reaching our goal of being the ultimate partner of choice for our customers.


Adel Ali Bin Ali,

Chairman and President,

Ali Bin Ali Holding.

Galeries Lafayette Doha wins at the prestigious Qatar Tourism Awards

On November 9, 2023 Ali Bin Ali’s Galeries Lafayette Doha joined other distinguished individuals and businesses at the 2023 Qatar Tourism Awards, in being awarded for its outstanding contribution to Qatar, specifically in the retail industry.

The tourism awards, which was held at Raffles Doha, was launched by Qatar Tourism, in partnership with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The event celebrated the exceptional accomplishments of various organizations and individuals in elevating the excellence and distinctiveness of the Qatar visitor experience. The occasion was graced by H.E. Saad Bin Ali Al Kharji, Chairman of Qatar Tourism, and Basmah Al-Mayman, Regional Director for the Middle East at UNTWO.

The inaugural Qatar Tourism Awards focused on three principal categories: Service Excellence, Cultural Experiences and Smart Solutions. Out of the 15 slots in the Service Excellence category, which examined contenders’ commitment to delivering quality service to visitors, Galeries Lafayette Doha won the Retail and Local Shops category.

Receiving the award on behalf of Galeries Lafayette Doha, the General Manager of Galeries Lafayette and Ali Bin Ali Fashion, Mr. Kevin Gerard Pender, explained that the tremendous achievement was a success for the Galeries Lafayette family and Ali Bin Ali Holding at large. “This recognition is a testament to Galeries Lafayette Doha’s hard work, dedication, and passion to fashion and style as the sought after shopping destination in Qatar. Our retail store is truly honored to be acknowledged among such talented competitors. This award serves as a motivation for us to continue striving for excellence and pushing the boundaries of our potential. As Galeries Lafayette Doha, we are grateful for the opportunities that have led us to this achievement and we look forward to further growth and success in the future,” stated Mr. Pender.

The Qatar Tourism Awards was truly a reflection of the broad and diverse nature of Qatar tourism sector, including culture, destinations, experiences, and hospitality. It was also a moment for the country to pay homage to the milestones it has achieved thus far. The event similarly recognized those leading the way in building a more innovative and sustainable tourism industry that is in line with Qatar National Tourism Sector Strategy 2030 of strengthen tourism, and the UNWTO’s key priorities in the sector.

Latest ‘Silly Monsters’ campaign takes over Galeries Lafayette – Doha

True to its spirit of being a creative and innovative luxury department store, Galeries Lafayette – Doha organized an interactive and fun ‘Silly Monsters’ launch event for its customers and general public on October 16, 2023 at 21 High St. The event, which took place in the late afternoon, sought to celebrate children’s imagination and ingenuity to art by enabling them to participate in ‘Silly Monsters’ inspired arts and crafts activities.

The event began with a reveal session that showcased 6 Silly Monster drawings, made by the children of Galeries Lafayette – Doha team members. These 6 masterpieces will continue to be displayed in the interiors of the GL store throughout the duration of the Silly Monsters campaign.

As the drawings were unveiled, Mr. Kevin Gerard Pender, General Manager of Galeries Lafayette – Doha, said, “The use of “silly monsters” as the central theme is both playful and thought-provoking. It is a bold and unconventional concept true to the creative artistic DNA of Galeries Lafayette. Showcasing such works of art is also a vital step in recognizing and celebrating children’s efforts, which in turn boosts their self-esteem and builds their skills.”

The event was a lovely combination of nostalgia and engagement, as adults relived their childhood memories and actively participated alongside their children.

Paint The Town, a popular provider of guided art events in Doha, provided the necessary art supplies and gave participants the opportunity to unleash their creativity by crafting their own Silly Monsters using paper plates and coloring materials.

Guests also savored mouthwatering cupcakes designed with the Silly Monsters theme, prepared by 974 Delights, a renowned French Chocolatier and Patisserie. Silly Monster special edition cupcakes, cookies, lolli pop cakes and large cakes will also be available for purchase at 974 Delights throughout the duration of the campaign.

As the event drew to a close, participants took pictures to remember the fun day. For their special artistic contributions, the six children of GL employees were presented with commemorative gifts featuring their very own Silly Monsters.

The Silly Monsters installation will be on display for three months, from October 18 to December 2023, at 21 High St. in Katara. Visit Galeries Lafayette Doha today to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Silly Monsters and follow the handle @galerieslafayettedoha to stay abreast of all the latest developments.

Galeries Lafayette Doha and Café Pouchkine: A Pinktober Pairing to Educate and Inspire

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and during this time of the year the world turns pink to raise awareness and care for those affected by the disease.

To support the fight against breast cancer, Ali Bin Ali Holding’s Galeries Lafayette teamed up with Qatar Cancer Society to host a knowledge session at Café Pouchkine on October 4 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Over 40 women, including members of Qatar Cancer Society, local press, and social media influencers, gathered to learn more about the disease and the importance of creating a caring community for those affected by the disease.

On the occasion, Café Pouchkine was filled with shades of pink, a celebration of womanhood and positive vibes. Guests were treated to a visually stunning and delectable display of a pink macaron tower and a meticulously crafted cake.

The event was chaired by Mrs. Mona Ashkanani, General Manager, Qatar Cancer Society. Nour Makkia, a health educator at Qatar Cancer Society facilitated the session with an introductory talk. She covered a wide range of important topics related to breast cancer such as risk factors, signs and symptoms, different treatment options and their side effects, managing psychological challenges and the latest research.

“Early detection is key to fighting this disease and this workshop was a great opportunity to educate our invitees and to show our support for Qatar Cancer Society.”, said Mr. Kevin Gerard Pender, General Manager, Galeries Lafayette. Mrs. Alma who was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, also addressed the audience, talking about importance of regular screenings.

A pink-themed afternoon tea was then served, with delicate finger sandwiches and miniature pastries in shades of blush and rose, beckoning with their sweet and savory aromas. Participants were also given special gift vouchers from Beauty Hive.

Throughout the month of October, Galeries Lafayette will be facilitating donations to Qatar Cancer Society.  Co-branded artworks with Qatar Cancer Society have been placed throughout the store and an email has been sent to the entire Galeries Lafayette database with barcodes so that customers can scan and donate directly. Also on offer is a curated collection of beauty and fashion products to support the cause.

21 High st. A Summer Sanctuary Of Outdoor Elegance

In the heart of Qatar’s cultural hub Katara, 21 High st. stands out as the epitome of luxury and elegance. As an extraordinary oasis where art meets retail, 21 High st. has distinguished itself as a place where every detail is infused with a touch of class. The soaring summer temperatures are no match for its sophisticated Outdoor AC feature, an innovation that offers a cool, comfortable sanctuary to indulge in premium shopping and dining experiences, not just now but all year round. Nestled within the confines of Katara Cultural Village and adding to 21 High st.’s, allure is a range of global brands that bring international shopping destinations to your feet. From the timeless allure of Galeries Lafayette to the dazzling masterpieces of Elie Saab, Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels, luxury finds its true home here.

Complementing the shopping is a dining experience that promises everyone more than just a meal. It is a celebration of world-class cuisine just waiting to be discovered. As the aroma of delectable cuisines waft through the air, an invitation is extended to dine amidst an al fresco setting or at cozy indoor restaurants that offer an array of international culinary delights that captivate. SNAN Food Hall is yet another offering of 21 High st. Built around the globally renowned Food Hall approach, ‘SNAN’ Food Hall claims its place as a high-end retail food shop like no other in Qatar. Complete with stunning stained-glass and wrought-iron works, SNAN is a unique multi-functional Food Hall with a truly eclectic European-styled look which blends perfectly well with the classy grandeur around it. These are just a few reasons that make every moment at 21 High st., a journey through a unique destination that embodies the experience of luxury and refined taste, just waiting to be enjoyed.

This Pinktober Was All Smiles for Breast Cancer Awareness at 21 High Street

Doha, October, 2023: To support the Qatar Cancer Plan 2023-2026, which aims to ensure that everyone in Qatar has access to accurate information and the highest quality cancer care, 21 High St, the ultimate outdoor shopping destination in Katara, launched a 360-degree photo booth. Visitors took fun and creative pictures and videos to show their support for breast cancer awareness.

The booth was prominently located in 21 High St. and was open from 5pm to 10pm on weekdays and 5pm to 12pm on weekends, starting on Thursday, October 5th and running for two weeks.

Decorated with white flowers and pink ribbon which are universally recognized symbols of breast cancer awareness, the 360-degree photobooth was both eye-catching and meaningful.

“We are proud to partner with Qatar Cancer Society to support their important work,” said Evelyn De Croutte, General Manager, 21 High Street. “Women often have to juggle many different roles, from running the household to working full-time jobs. Therefore, we need to look at our well-being from a 360-degree angle taking into consideration our physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health.”

Shoppers had a lot of fun at the 360-degree photo booth and captured some amazing memories with their friends and family! They were also able to receive their photos and videos via AirDrop or email, and were encouraged to post them on social media using the hashtag #SmileForBreastCancerAwareness to support the fight against breast cancer.

Throughout the month of October, the Qatar Cancer Society is partnering with various organizations across the country to raise awareness.

A Night Of Chrome & Elegance

The 22nd of September brought out a fusion of culture, style and powerhouse machinery at 21 High st. Located at Katara Cultural Village, 21 High st., played host to a spectacular Harley Davidson event. From 6 pm to 8 pm, the air was charged with excitement and the roar of engines as the Harley Davidson Owner’s Group (H.O.G) collaborated with 21 High st. to put on a display of prized motorcycles, creating a dazzling visual symphony for fans and shoppers.

The H.O.G made a grand entrance to 21 High st. as they rode their stunning motorcycles. Each bike was adorned with an array of beautiful accessories. As the gleaming bikes lined up they created an instant motorcycle show drawing admiration and sparking interest from shoppers and fans alike.

After being entertained by the grand display, invitees and fans proceeded to the renowned Joe’s Café to relish exquisite culinary delights as discussions on the beautiful craftsmanship and the powerful presence of the displayed motorcycles continued around bonds build over the shared passion for the world’s best-loved adventure machine on two wheels.

This 21 High st. led event offered a unique opportunity for fans and shoppers to interact. Harley Davidson enthusiasts didn’t miss the opportunity to take pictures with the magnificent bikes while also immersing themselves in a world of chrome-inspired magic. H.O.G captured this special occasion in a moment likely to be remembered, marking it as a day of shared passions and memorable interactions at 21 High st.

Galeries Lafayette Doha celebrates 2nd edition of ‘Beauty Weekend’

Continuing with its tradition of celebrating beauty, Galeries Lafayette Doha launched the second edition of ‘Beauty Weekend’ in style. May 25 to May 27 was a special weekend for all beauty lovers in Doha as the ‘Beautiful You- Beauty Weekend’ opened the doors to an exclusive beauty-inspired experience.

From brand master classes, beauty treatments to counter animations, Galeries Lafayette Doha designed a complete 360-degree beauty escapade for the public to enjoy. Top international brands like Gucci, Indie Lee, Hermes, Guerlain, Christian Louboutin and Bobbi Brown were a part of the weekend celebrations.

The ‘Beauty Weekend’ masterclasses, which were the highlight of the event, welcomed expert speakers from different fields. From the House Perfumer of French Brand Caron, Jean Jacques, who was visiting Doha for the very first time, to a first time collaboration with Dr. Nada Soueidan from Medi Spa: NuYu, Galeries Lafayette Doha made sure to offer a complete beauty experience. A special beauty and haircare masterclass was delivered in collaboration with Doha’s luxury salon and spa, Beauty Hive and world’s leading luxury professional haircare brand, Kérastase.

In line with its vision to promote local talent, Galeries Lafayette Doha also used the ‘Beauty Weekend’ platform to promote local Qatari brands like Abdulla Al Abdulla, the regional Qatari influencer who has launched his niche fragrances and organic skincare, Abdulla Beauty.

The entire Parisian Store was dressed up for the ‘Beauty Weekend’ and special care was taken to make sure that the guests can engage with the surroundings. While the beauty magazine backdrop were a super-fun way to make memories at the event, the 360-degree video booth, ‘Glam Cam’, offered a trendy way to capture some glamorous, lively images for social media.

Adding a twist to the already interesting décor, a make-up-inspired bowling alley was created with pins resembling lipsticks, while the floor of the alley looked like an eyeshadow palette.

The La Suite, Galeries Lafayette Doha’s exclusive penthouse, was also converted into a stage for a beauty experience. From an exclusive Masterclass by Roja Dove for selected VIPs to a sensory journey with Abdulla Al Abdulla’s perfumes and skincare in collaboration with Inclub Studio, La Suite offered a true luxury beauty experience.

In line with the beauty theme of the event, a beauty macaroon station by Café Pouchkine and a special hydration station were stationed on the ground floor of the store. The hydration station offered lemon and lavender pink lemonade, perfect to boost health and beauty.

Speaking about the event, General Manager of Galeries Lafayette Doha Mr. Kevin Gerard Pender said: “Galeries Lafayette celebrates beauty not just in the conventional sense. We want our clients to discover the true essence of beauty and all things beautiful it entails. Our ‘Beauty Weekend’ experience is a journey, where you learn, enjoy, win and go home with a lot of beautiful memories.”

Galeries Lafayette Doha’s ‘Beauty Weekend’ was an ideal opportunity to discover answers for all beauty needs and the three days felt too little for everything that the event offered.