SEABOB, the world’s fastest water and diving scooter brand, inaugurated its first boutique in Qatar at 21 High st – Katara Cultural Village, Qatar’s ultimate outdoor shopping destination.

The German brand, in association with Ali Bin Ali Holding’s Sports Gate, opened its doors to the public on June 13, 2022.

The SEABOB, powered by a worldwide patented electric jetstream system, is a completely emission-free watercraft used for driving on or under the water. Its eco-friendly electric drive with the worldwide patented E-Jet Power System makes the SEABOB a unique and highly-innovative watercraft of the future.

The great advantage of these watercraft is that they can be driven straightaway by any water sports enthusiast without prior training. The driver steers and dives with the SEABOB simply by shifting his bodyweight. With the SEABOB and its hydrodynamic shape, the driver develops an unexpected agility in the water. Sporty driving, relaxed cruising on the water or safely diving into the depths, a SEABOB in the water is the guarantee for the ultimate driving pleasure.

Contact Information:

T: +97450892430

E: [email protected]