Juan Valdez

Juan Valdez

Juan Valdez is the brand of the Colombian coffee growers, it belongs to more than 540 thousand coffee growing families and its purpose is to captivate the world with premium Colombian coffee, generating value for the coffee industry.

We harvest and export 100% Arabica coffee, chosen especially for its size and unique qualities. The coffee that is sold in Juan Valdez is valued in each link of its cultivation and packaging process, to guarantee the highest quality of the bean and, finally, its cup profile.

On December 12, 2002 the first Juan Valdez store opened its doors at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota. This was the beginning of a process that intended to introduce more and more people to Premium Colombian Coffee. It has represented the heart and soul of Colombian coffee growers around the world, and has continued growing by generating experiences throughout its specialized coffee shops. Since the creation of the Juan Valdez® character in 1959, the icon has represented and promoted Colombian coffee globally, positioning and differentiating it from other coffees.

Contact Information:

  • +974 7764 9497