With a unique blend of elegance and sophistication, Wahaj Mediterranean Brasserie offers a casual dining restaurant in the heart of 21 High st.

At Wahaj, our chefs are determined to capture every guest’s imagination. That is why we offer everyone who walks through our doors only the very best in traditional Mediterranean dishes. Wahaj truly takes pride in refining, crafting and serving timeless foods inspired from the warm shores of the Mediterranean. Our desire is to give our guests an inimitable experience.

Wahaj chefs crafted a unique Mediterranean food experience. Whatever comes from our kitchen or off our grill, whether marinated, seasoned, braised, or skewered, is made with great care for you to enjoy your moment at Wahaj.

Ali Bin Ali Hospitality and DUCASSE Conseil optimized their creative skills to develop this unique culinary experience. Working on the concept for almost a year, the team created some distinctive flavours using French techniques and special spices. The team’s attention to fine details and presentation led to the creation of a true gastronomic gem.

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