Popular bloggers visit 21 High st & confirm it to be a shopper’s paradise

Popular bloggers visit 21 High st & confirm it to be a shopper’s paradise

A group of famous regional bloggers were recently visited Ali Bin Ali Holding’s 21 High st at Katara Cultural Village and they couldn’t have been more impressed. The group included Eleen Sulaiman from KSA, Noha Nabeel from Kuwait, Lama Al Akeel from KSA, and Mariam Mohamad, A.K.A Marmar, from Kuwait. As they walked through the luxurious corridors of 21 High st, the bloggers discovered the ultimate shopping experience that awaited them.

The visit allowed them the opportunity to experience and interact with international luxury brands such as Graff, David Morris, and Elie Saab. Each of these brands showcased the best of their collections, and the bloggers were quick to share their excitement with their social media followers.

21 High st is not just about shopping, it is a complete lifestyle destination with some exquisite dining options. The bloggers proceeded to explore Joe’s Café, Wahaj, Café Pouchkine, 974 Delights, and Juan Valdez and took time to indulge into the delicious cuisines while taking in the ambiance and the warmest hospitality.

To wind up their day the bloggers also visited Galeries Lafayette to explore the latest collections of women and menswear available at the store. They were pleased to have discovered a wide range of beauty products and were happy to explore the new editions of fragrances that were part of Galaries Lafayette’s offerings.

21 High st is much more than just a shopping destination, it is an experience for the entire family. The team at 21 High st looks forward to welcoming a host of new visitors whose curiosity is sure to have been piqued by blogs that will inspire them.