Turkish Superstar Visits 21 High St In Katara

Turkish Superstar Visits 21 High St In Katara

Turkish actor Burak Özçivit paid a courtesy visit to the prestigious 21 High st in Katara Cultural Village, Doha, on Qatar National Day.

The Turkish star received a warm welcome from representatives of 21 High st together with hundreds of fans who were eagerly waiting for his arrival.
Burak was given an exclusive tour of the iconic Parisian department store, Galeries Lafayette – Doha, and other international outlets and brands in fashion, beauty and cosmetics, high-end luxury brands, and trendy products.

In a brief interview, the renowned star shared his fascination for Galeries Lafayette – Doha noting that the centre is one of the modern hubs in Doha that provides dynamism like no other.

“21 High st in Katara Cultural Village is the perfect place to be; it is where modern retail meets the culture and standards of Qatar,” he stated.

“I am particularly intrigued by how Galeries Lafayette in 21 High st provides immersive shopping experience with new and exclusive brands that can’t be found anywhere else in Qatar,” Burak added.

The flamboyant actor equally explored the alluring designs and architecture including an enchanting water fountain, stylish football-themed lighting, and elegant air-conditioned streets. Burak was also invited to tour exquisite restaurants such as Café Pouchkine and 974 Delights. Later, he was welcomed to dine at the classy Wahaj Restaurant, and enjoyed live presentations of fine culinary arts.

The tour concluded with a public ‘meet and greet’ session with fans. The public widely interacted with Burak on some of his previous works and took pictures with him.

The visit was widely covered on Burak’s Instagram platform that commands a following of 22.5 million followers worldwide. Likewise, his other social media platforms featured the visit.

The prestigious 21 High st in Katara Cultural Village, Doha has been one of the ultimate attractions of Qatar during the World Cup 2022 and an all-time prime shopping destination for enthusiasts. 21 High st hosts many spectacular festivities, cultural events and activities all-year-round, drawing large crowds to the area.